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About Relead Ahmedabad

About Events

Relead Ahmedabad is a 3 day Non-residential learning program organized by The Blue Ribbon Movement which will be held from December 18 2015 to December 20 2015. What Shoud I Do With My Life? question is one of the biggest questions of our life! Getting it wrong is expensive - and most people don't get it right because not too long ago, what you did was decided by what your parents did. Then it began to be decided by what your parents could not do and wanted you to do that. Suddenly now, we are in a world where there are exploding choices (9000+ listed professions) and unlimited possibilities but  this is combined with a great deal of competition and a very high threshold for success. This means you need to be very good at what you do.


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Phone : +91 9768980977

Email : akash@brmworld.org

Website : http://re-lead.org/

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