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About Renaissance 16

Renaissance is a Techno/Cultural fest which provides a big platform for all students to learn a lot and become multidimensional. The present competitive world demands leaders, entrepreneurs and not simply executives and technocrats.
Renaissance acts as a workshop, where students learn qualities like coordinating, organizing, pursuing, managing and celebrating which are the qualities of entrepreneurs and leaders. Renaissance is an opportunity, a privilege and an honor bestowed on every student.
Renaissance is an opportunity which provides that special edge and makes every student strong and competent to face the world. It also provides a big platform for more than five hundred colleges witnessing a congregation of nearly seven thousand students and others from all over the country. Presence and participation of reputed organizations/institutions like yours in the event like this would help to have an effective and wide publicity to your organization/institution and enhance your corporate social responsibility (CSR).


jecrc sitapura, Sukhpuria, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Phone : 8302355577

Email : ikavishgoyal@gmail.com

Website : http://www.jecrcrenaissance.in/

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