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About Samgatha 2016

SAMGATHA is the annual techno-cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing (IIITD&M), Kancheepuram. IIITDM is an MHRD funded central government Institute of National Importance(INI) near Chennai. Being one of the only two Design and Manufacturing institutes in India, every year it takes in brightest minds from across the country and has evolved to become one of the premier institutes in the country.
Since its inception, Samgatha has blossomed into a fest where the best and the brightest of the country come together. Samgatha 2015 will be a truly multicultural and cosmopolitan fest, open to all colleges across India. Samgatha 2015 will see more than 30 events spanning across three unforgettable day where one can witness an incredible battle of brains, a dazzling display of skills, watch passion reach dizzying heights and creativity at its enchanting best.


IIITDM Kancheepuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone : 9791376553

Email : nirmalkumar357@gmail.com

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