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Sharpshooters is the largest inter-collegiate business fest in Navi
Mumbai organized by the BMS Department of SIES(Nerul) of Arts,
Science & Commerce.

The BMS department is organizing Sharpshooters for the 15th year in a
row and expanding it with more no. of events and the 3 main events.

The college saw participants from a varied list of colleges such as
University of Pennsylvania, Poddar, Hinduja, Mithibahia, NIFT Mumbai,
Xaviers, Jai Hind, Mulund College of Commerce, Pillais, Bharti
Vidyapeeth and HR Collge.

It was initiated 14 years ago. And ever since then, each year, it has been a
making a better and remarkable journey, teaching all of its participants
the true meaning of team work, sportsmanship, patience, hard work
imbibing harmony amongst them.

Sharpshooters 2015 was all about exciting management based games
such as Amazing Race, Corporate Walk, and Business Quiz were the
zenith of Sharpshooters 2015.

THEME 2016: Mills Malls and Moolah! It all began in Aamchi Mumbai. Unlocking an Archival Treasure Trove. Relive the euphoria of the opening of the first mill, the first railway, the first ship sailing into a dock that had defied all odds. The first mall named Spencer Plaza, the first film, the first fortunes made and ruined from speculation on cotton prices or matka gambling. The first call to quit India, the first fight. It all began in Aamchi Mumbai. The country, once a supplier of British tea and cotton, now has a diversified economy with the majority of the activity and growth coming from the service industry. Since the economic liberalization policies of the 1990s, Indians have seen their quality of life grow immensely. Hence, the arrival of moolah!


S.I.E.S College, Jagatguru Aadi Shankracharya Marg, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Phone : 7303730322

Email : ss2016marketing@gmail.com

Website : www.facebook.com/Sharpshooters2016