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About Techfest Workshop

Does latest cutting edge technology make you curious? Or want to explore them? Or maybe interact with the students having same interests and give yourself a boost in the field of interest? If yes, then Techfest workshops are best suited for you. Going with the philosophy of learning while you do. Workshops at Techfest provide an opportunity to be one on one with the latest technology while providing you valuable hands-on experience under the guidance of renowned professionals. Workshops promise to be an enjoyable yet enriching experience to the participants, with significant interaction amongst peers sharing the same interests. In the past, Workshops at Techfest have featured varied topics like Autonomous Robotics, Forensics, Network Security, Ethical Hacking, Swarm Robotics and Haptics amongst many more. Techfest promises to open up new realm for you to explore this year as well. Learn, explore and take back the experience of a lifetime!

Saturday | December 26th | 2015Web Development

Saturday | December 26th | 2015Cloud Computing

Saturday | December 26th | 2015Zero Energy Building

Saturday | December 26th | 2015Solarizer

Saturday | December 26th | 2015Android App Development

Saturday | December 26th | 2015Brainwave Controlled Robotics


IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Phone : 9967350381

Email : shubham.tibrewal25@gmail.com

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