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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) is going to say goodbye to the year 2015 with the extravaganza of many technical encounters. Yes! The VJTI young engineers are ready to welcome the annual techno-management festival, Technovanza, 2015. With the ultimate aim of “Taking Technology to the Society”, this year Technovanza is going to be held on 26th to 28th December. Reaching out to students, industry and the society in general, Technovanza 2015 promises to be bigger than ever! VJTI being one of the oldest engineering college of India, carries 128 years of glorious history. So an engineer must participate @Technovanza not only to showcase his/her technical talent, but also to explore the stories behind the historic building of the institute. Before learning more about different events to be held, let’s listen some words from the organizers of Technovanza. The event’s popularity has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and last year close to 25000 people from all over the country attended the event, leading to its grand success. The social initiative like Pratigya, a part of Technovanza, inspires the under-privileged students in schools to become tomorrow’s innovative engineers. Reaching out to students, industry and the society in general, Technovanza 2015 promises to be bigger than ever! Have a look on the highlights of Technovanza’14 Technovanza’15 is ready with social steps like Pratigya and Mission Mumbai. Many eminent personalities have already delivered lectures to the students and yet many to come. Some of the highlighted lectures this time are: 1. Sumeet Jain, Co-founder of StupidSid.com 2. Mr.A.K.Das, the Project director of Mumbai Monorail 3. Mr. Akhil Aryan, Head of Product and Growth at Haptik 4. Rajani Seshadri, Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services Here is the list of events that will be held during the fest. COLLEGE CUP Are you a leader on campus and comfortable coordinating people, events and exhibits!!! Apply to become a Technovanza Campus Ambassador for your college campus and join an exclusive network of campus leaders all over the country! The college cup includes, all Events and Exhibits of Technovanza worth INR 5.5 lakhs. Apply for VJTI Technovanza Campus Ambassador and lead your college to glory. Register here to participate in College Cup, Technovanza’15. EVENTS Events in Technovanz’15 has been distributed under several categories. In this post the name of the event, prize amount and the lint to the event would be highlighted. Click on the particular event link to know more about the same. Autobots 1. Robowars Cash Prize: INR 1.25 Lakhs Link: http://www.technovanza.org/robowars.php 2. VRC Cash Prize: INR 55,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/vrc.php 3. Robosumo Cash Prize: INR 15,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/robosumo.php 4. Monster Arena Cash Prize: INR 15,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/monsterarena.php 5. Wall – E Cash Prize: INR 10,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/walle.php 6. Robosoccer Cash Prize: INR 7000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/robosoccer.php 7. Robomaze Cash Prize: INR 7000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/robomaze.php IMech 1. Fast N Furious Cash Prize: INR 60,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/fastnfurious.php 2. Climb-E-Rope Cash Prize: INR 3000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/climberope.php ICode 1. Ultimate Coder Cash Prize: INR 25,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/ultimatecoder.php 2. Java Guru Cash Prize: INR 3000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/javaguru.php 3. Mission SQL Cash Prize: INR 4000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/missionsql.php 4. Codeswap Cash Prize: INR 4000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/codeswap.php 5. C-Way Cash Prize: INR 4000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/cway.php 6. Technohunt Cash Prize: INR 5000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/technohunt.php IBuild 1. Smartcity Cash Prize: INR 10,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/smartcity.php 2. Bridge the Gap Cash Prize: INR 7000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/bridgethegap.php Eureka 1. How Stuff Works Cash Prize: INR 5000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/howstuffworks.php 2. Junior XCon Cash Prize: INR 5000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/jrxcon.php 3. RCMO (Rubik’s Cube Mumbai Open) Cash Prize: INR 28,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/rcmo.php 4. Technical Paper Presentation (TPP) Cash Prize: INR 15,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/tpp.php 5. XCon Cash Prize: INR 25,000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/xcon.php Online Events 1. Code in X Cash Prize: INR 2000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/codeinx.php 2. AI Wars Cash Prize: INR 2000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/aiwars.php 3. Virtual Stock Market Cash Prize: INR 3500 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/vsm.php 4. Algocrack Cash Prize: INR 2000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/algocrack.php 5. Cryptext Cash Prize: INR 2000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/cryptext.php 6. Myst Cash Prize: INR 3000 Link: http://www.technovanza.org/myst.php Some other categories of events like Manageria and Fun Events yet to be “Coming Soon!” So, what are you waiting for!!! Bookmark the dates from 26th to 28th December. If you need any further information about Technovanza’15 then visit following links to get the additional information and the contact details. IMPORTANT LINKS Website: http://www.technovanza.org/home.php Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/technovanza?hc_ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Technovanza Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/technovanzaVJTI Instagram: https://instagram.com/technovanza


VJTI College,H R, H R Mahajani Marg, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019 Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Phone : +919049267900

Email : niraj.patil@technovanza.org

Website : http://www.technovanza.org/

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