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About Techtrix 2k16

Techtrix is the annual Technical Fest of RCC Institute of information Technology. It is an event where planning meets perfection. To reach the zenith of technical prowess and rekindle the thirst for innovation..Techtrix 2k16 is on it its mark...and is just ready to go on the roll. With a multitude of events ranging from robotics to coding to gaming, Techtrix Has always provided an exhilarating atmosphere to every single participant. Techtrix is like a splinter into the torch of innovation ,igniting the minds of its bearers. Thus we call upon all budding engineers, technocrats, innovators and technologists to come and join the brigade of competing young minds and make Techtrix a unbeatable success like always. The brightest minds of the city battle it out amidst clashing codes, crushing metal and cruel competition... All for the glory, all for The Prize and all for passion. Witness the Clash of Titans...@Techtrix 2k16 Create... Deploy... Destroy.....