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About The Ultimate T-Shirt Design Challenge

Showcase your designing prowess and stand to win exciting prizes worth 28,000 INR from MakeMyMerch and Redwolf. Shortlisted T-shirts to be hosted on MakeMyMerch providing an exciting opportunity of selling the T-shirts and making money off it to the participants. So what are you waiting for? Design away a T-shirt that you think all your college mates and other NITians friends would definitely buy. Send in your T-shirt designs toconnectnitofficial@gmail.com or message them to us on our Fb page before 25th December, 2015 midnight.




1. The event would take place in 2 stages:

(a) First stage – To showcase design work related to college life at your NIT and to get engagement for the same.

(b) Second stage – To encourage students, friends and alumni to endorse your work by purchasing t-shirts from the shortlisted campaigns.



Only students studying currently in any of the National Institute of Technology (NITs), pursuing any of the degree courses offered, are allowed to participate.


All submissions would require to strictly adhere to the MakeMyMerch design submission guidelines:

  • Only two entries per participant are allowed.
  • All the entries should be captioned and sent as a message to either the Facebook page of ConnectNITor as an email to connectnitofficial@gmail.com.
  • The entry should be accompanied by a message stating your details in the format: ‘Participant Name- College’. Example: Rahul-NIT Trichy
  • The artwork needs to be in a vector format (Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw) or if you work in Photoshop- the artwork should be in the required printable size in 300 dpi. .
  • The artwork should be colour separated- all colours should be grouped together or be in separate layers. The number of colours in the artwork shouldn’t exceed: 4. Each shade of a colour with a different colour coordinate is assumed to be a different colour.
  • The maximum printable area for t-shirts is 11.5” width x 14” height…
  • The base colours of T-shirts available are: Black, White, Royal Blue, Red, Heather Grey, Steel Grey and Maroon (some colours may be subject to availability).
  • Images taken off the internet cannot be printed.
  • Your artwork should also not use any logos or registered marks unless you have the explicit written consent from the rights holders to use them.

The deadline for making the first stage submissions is 25th December, 2015 midnight.


1. Campaigns will be shortlisted on the basis of post engagement on social media as well as quality of the design.

2. All decisions regarding accepting submissions, shortlisting campaigns etc. shall be made solely by MakeMyMerch and shall be non-refutable.

3. The ideal selling price for t-shirts is up to the discretion of both the ConnectNIT team and the MakeMyMerch team together.




 1. The top 15 campaigns will be shortlisted from the First stage for promotion on the MakeMyMerch website in the Second stage.

2. The top 200 designs of the First stage including the shortlisted campaigns receive discount coupons worth Rs.50.

3. The rewards in the Second stage for the shortlisted campaigns, solely depend on the ability of the participant to monetize their creations using the MakeMyMerch platform.

4. The top 3 performing designs (based on the popularity and quality) receive additional gift vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each from Red Wolf.


NIT Trichy

Phone : 9786155042

Email : visheshsahni14@gmail.com

Website : http://connectnit.org.in/

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