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About Verba Maximus 2016

Fest Description:

If that thou were a true bibliophile, be truly welcome hither. We the students of BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus are proud to present to you Verba Maximus, our national annual literary fest! Verba Maximus is Latin for "words of the greatest" and right from the pro shows and events to the competitors and organisers, everything lives up to this title. This campus has successfully orchestrated four editions of this extravaganza, and the much awaited fifth edition- Verba Maximus '16, is coming soon! On January 30th and 31st, "the game is afoot", as we return to throw you the party of the year as a plethora of innovative events beckons.

Event Description:


Calling all investigators! Welcome to Sherlocked, one of the most popular events, that tests your deduction and crime solving skills. You have limited time as you decipher conflicting evidence, interrogate suspects, and compete with other journalists.


What’s the oldest text in the world? Where exactly does one find the Mad Hatter? For all the bibliophiles with secret lives in Middle Earth of Hogwarts, who swear by Willy Wonka and Rhett Butler alike, it’s finally time to come out of the closet!


A traditional literary event that no literary fest is ever complete without. In a generation where language has degraded to the liked of “hw r u?” and “im f9”, proper spelling is more important than ever. Let your inner Grammar Nazi shine.


The world takes a second to change, how about we give you 60? Hilarious and brutal, this event is anything but slow. Shoot down opponents, blabber as much as you can, make quick decisions and score points with witty comebacks. Beware of the ticking clock.

Group Discussion

“Two monologues don’t make a conversation.” Do you have it in you to speak and listen? Tune in to the ideas of others, build on them or break them down. Let your logic and communication skills come to the fore as you navigate your way to strike the right balance.

Yin Yang

We give you a topic, you write us a story.The second half of this event demands you to undo another participant’s story. You are seated in pairs for that purpose. The event tests how you weave a story, and write one that starkly contrasts to someone else’s.

Picture Perspective

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and at Verba Maximus, those words shall have the breath of life. This January, the multiple tongues hidden in the depths of every image, shall be unsheathed in a variety of perspectives and in every mode of articulation imaginable.


If you thought one speaking event was hard, here’s three! An event for the champions, Gauntlet is three brutal rounds of speaking madness starting with extempore, then block and tackle and to clinch the deal, a debate. Thinking quick and construct clear arguments.


Is delivering the next big story really that hard? Don the hat of a political party and give a trademark speech introducing its manifesto,logo and a slogan.Design a creative magazine cover and adorn your piece with a witty headline.

Words of a Feather

Want to test your inner wordsmith? With organisers shooting words at you, one every five minutes,and you defending yourself by entwining those words into your story.The words should come together to form a literary masterpiece.

Youth Sabha

Based on the infamous proceedings, (barring the indiscipline and occasional punches), of the Indian Parliament, Youth Sabha is a unique simulation where your political zeal and knowledge as well as your debating skills are put to test.

Pada Vinyasam

This fun-filled Telugu event is sure to fire up your literary cells. In the first half, you solve crossword puzzles as quick as you can based on the clues we announce. The second half is “Spin A Yarn”. Spin us a tale connecting the words we present to you.


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