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About Xenesis 2016

The term “Xenesis” has been derived from "genesis" which means commencement, commencement of anything leading to change, bringing out an evolution.

The technical festival of LDRP-ITR has been named "Xenesis" with an 'x' replacing the 'g' to represent "extreme" efforts put up by the entire team of faculties, students and the management in bringing this evolution.

With the events such as X-Invent, Robo Race, Robo Rodies, Techno Maze,X-Googling, X-Hackathon, X-DumbCharades, X-CodeSwap etc. from various departments, "Xenesis" has maintained its prestige of being one of the best technical festivals in Gujarat over the past years.

Official Website: http://xenesis.ldrp.ac.in