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About ZARF '16

Humanity these days stands on troubled grounds.Keeping the humanitarian welfare in mind we present the Zarf16 on the theme of charity. This year 10% of the registration and 5% of the sponsorship amount would be donated for charitable causes. Zarf should not only be about live , work and play but also about work and let live .Our work could bring smiles to the underprivileged. Let us take this camaraderie of ZARF'16 to catalyse the change for the betterment and to begin our journey from 'ME' to 'US'. Also, This year we are not going to perform solo as we are having the invincible support of the elite clubs of ZHCET namely IEEE, ASCE, ASME and EDC. These clubs have been the hosts to various national level festivals. This year we have collaborated to represent the idea of 'ONE YEAR , ONE FEST'.