6 Reasons Why Introverts are Todays SUPERHEROES

All you introvert out there! Oh sorry, “in” there, locked in your rooms, lurking over group chats reading everything but not replying, hiding from the world….You have managed to fool everyone all this time, but no more, now your secret is out! The world will now finally know the reason behind your strange behaviour. They will know why you love fictional characters more than real people, why do you listen and creepily stare at us as we speak, why do you geniuses can know every fact in the world but fail to form complete sentences during group presentations. It’s because you’ve been hiding the fact that you are actually SUPERHEROES. And before you ignore this discovery like you ignore most humans, have a look at the proofs:

  1. Only a trusted few know the real you.

Just like only a few people know that Bruce Wayne is Batman, a selected few know what you really are. You may pretend to be all serious and boring in front of your colleagues, a few know that you are hilarious when it comes to science jokes (Yeah because they are sodium funny! You get it? …Na?). So, it is but natural that you hide it because let’s be honest, not everyone can deal with that amount of awesomeness.

source: Pinterest

2. You are too unique to fit in.

While most people talk about other people and gossip, you like to talk about books and movies. You are mostly too early to a fandom and hence you have to wait till it gets popular so that everyone sees it and then you can discuss it with them. Try talking to them before its famous, they won’t understand a thing you say. Ugh.

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3.You can escape problems like a boss.

While being extrovert lets, you be social, it also invites a plethora of problems. But since you are an introvert, you don’t really have to worry about it.
For example when you want to avoid being asked about marriage at someone else’s marriage? What do you do? Simple, you just don’t go!

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Want to avoid fights with your partner? Never confront them about your undying love towards them!

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4.You can be invisible whenever you want.

This is literally a superpower. Being an introvert, you really have mastered the art of keeping quiet and sitting at a position for hours without being noticed. Guess what, it comes in handy when you want to spy on someone or follow someone. You can also easily slip out of group conversations when you are bored. Just walk out whenever you feel like and no one will even notice (Unless it’s your own class presentation)

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5.You have that one talent(Superpower) that they swear by.

Introverts may not be very social but they do possess a hidden talent that nobody can beat them at. And they can bet their lives on it. E.g.: They are the best readers. You heard it. Nobody can read better. It may be unusual, but hey, can you do it? C’mon I dare ya

Source: Reddit

6. You contribute to world betterment

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Like any superhero, they care about the world and strive to make it a better place. So while the extroverts talk their way into/out of things, introverts stay quiet, maintain the balance and contribute to reducing noise pollution.

Now that you know, you can either keep it a secret and be Bruce Wayne (without millions of dollars) or you can boast your newfound superpowers and make everyone jealous: P