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Unison- Beyond The Boundaries, The Arts and Photography Festival of Dyal Singh College Is Here!

After a grand success of Unison-2014, Jamini-The Fine Arts Society and Xposure- The Photography Society of Dyal Singh College are proud to announce Unison-Beyond The Boundaries 2015.

The two day festival shall use the expression of arts, to send the message of “unity of the world”. The students of Dyal Singh College have collected artworks from Embassies of different countries which shall be displayed on the exhibition; along with the artworks submitted by the college students.

The Fine Arts Society and The Photography Society of DSC shall also have their exhibition in the seminar hall of the college.
Students across Delhi have a chance to get their artworks exhibited on this two day festival. They can submit their entries by 18th October and the selected entries would also be used for a competition. The winners of this competition shall receive prize money as well.

The two day festival is from 19th to 20th October in Dyal Singh College from 10:00AM- 5:00 PM everyday. Looking forward to see all of you there.

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