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AAHAN’16-Ascend Beyond Aspirations

AAHAN’16-Ascend Beyond Aspirations

Date-7th-9th January 2016
Venue-SVKMs Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management, Mumbai


1.How do you feel being the head of Aahan.
The feeling is such which we cannot put into words. Our responsibility is huge as we have to deal with different people with different backgrounds. Being the face of the festival, our decision-making skills need to be polished. Learning to be calm and think straight despite a thousand things on our minds is a new experience which we are enjoying.

2.What got you interested to be a part of this organizing team?
We have been a part of other college festivals earlier but the bonds we all make in this festival keeps pulling us back. Here the chairperson is not just the chairperson but he/she is a friend and guide with whom you can discuss and share anything you want to. The festival has given us opportunities to grow and explore ourselves with much learning along the way. Aahan has now become a major part of our life with our main goal as success.

3.How did you plan this festival? Take us through the huge process in brief.
The whole Aahan team works for six months. The process becomes simpler and easier as the core team is accountable and responsible for their respective work. The 17 departments start brainstorming for ways to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. We have PR campaigns for promotional and informational purposes throughout the 6 month period with event feasibilities in the last few months.The more visible forms of promotion such as danglers, posters, charts and hoardings are put up around December. All the efforts are put into action with a dedicated work force.

4.How did you select the organizing team? Was there any specific criteria?
Our festival follows a hierarchy system in which there are 4 Vice-Chairpersons with 4-5 heads under each of them. The selection depends upon their past experiences, groundwork etc. The basic qualities that we look in our Vice-Chairpersons and Heads of Department are punctuality, creativity, innovation, how well they handle various situations and so on.


5.Organizing a massive event is always challenging. Tell us about the key challenges you faced organizing this event.
Yes, indeed. From getting the sponsors to making the events, we have faced challenges at every step. The understanding and bond which we share have enabled us to face them successfully. We have handled successful promotional events in the past few months which has made us more confident about the D-days.

6.How was your experience with college fever?
The experience with college fever was really very nice as we got an opportunity to inform others about our festival. We hereby thank you for giving us this wonderful platform.

7.Finally,what advice would you give to other event/fest organizers?
We would just like to say that a clear vision and mission leads to a successful festival. To make any festival determination of members is necessary. The efforts which we put in including innovation of events will only be shown if we are able to create a bonding and understanding among all the members of the festival in spite of the designation they hold.

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