15 Hacks to Smoothen Your College Days!

College Life is one hell of a rollercoaster ride! From managing early morning classes to club commitments; from hanging out with friends to finishing the horde of personal chores at the hostel, is difficult but not a Catch-22! So stop being a worry wart and start thinking smart.

Here are the 10+ hacks to help you make your life easy as a pie:

1. Remember Your Schedule!

Replace that SHERLOCK’s home screen on your phone with your class schedule and be that cool Freshman who isn’t Lost!


2. Mind that Flying Page!

Keep that flaying page of your Textbook at bay by using this simple tool- Your Pen’s Cap!


3. Differentiate Your Keys!

Swiftly sneak your drunk friend in your room before the hostel warden takes him/her in, without any unlocking struggles! Paint the head of the keys with your favourite nail paints, acrylic paints or markers to make them apart.


4. Manage Your Desk:

Are you tired with entangled wires and worried about losing stuff? Use the empty toilet paper roll and You got ’em all!


5. Use a Tic-Tac container to Hold Pencil Shavings.

Now no more dumping the pencil shavings under your bed and later crib about the mess you’ve created!

6. Spell of Colour Codes!

Use Colourful Markers to differentiate your Notes and waste no more time looking for that damned notebook!


7. Egg Carton as a Cooling Pad!

While using Laptop for a longer time, cool it by placing on an egg holder.

8. Brighten up those Dull Dorm Walls…

If you’re not allowed to drill nails in your dorm wall, use colourful tapes to decorate the doomed walls!

9. Convert Pizza Box into Plates!

Why to take up the challenge of washing dishes when your pizza box bears this property?


10. Reheat that Leftover Piece!

Who likes to throw away leftover Pizza when your Iron and Hair Dryer can bubble up the cheese?


11. Iron Clothes without Ironing?

Ironing every crease take a lot of time and is not everyone’s favourite job. Here’s how you can have a wrinkle-free shirt at the drop of a hat!


12. Start a Party Anywhere!!

Got over with your exams and feel like partying but you don’t have a speaker? Cut a slit into an empty roll of paper towels and pop your iPhone inside. Cut a hole into 2 solo cups and put the ends of the paper towel roll into each. Why worry when your phone can be the DJ of the night!

13. Fit Your Clothes in the Dresser:

 Stop bickering about the lack of space to fit in your new buys with this simple technique:


14. The Soda Tab Trick:

No place to put your hangers? Use Soda Tabs and save Closet Space.

15. The Magical Blow Dryer!

Be it menstrual cramps, aching arms or the annoying hiccups. Here’s how Blow Dryers weave magic:

Do not let the grass grow under your feet and include these hacks in your everyday college life! This is one of the many ways TheCollegeFever helps to make your college life easier, simpler and a hell lot more interesting. Read our articles to ace the art!